Are you organising a trip to Alabama with your family and searching for activities that the kids can participate in? When various members of the family want different things, it might feel like an insurmountable challenge to find a solution. But don’t be concerned! This list will leave you with so many options that it will be difficult to choose what to do with your children. You can take them to the Alabama Safari Park to feed animals, have some fun at the Children’s Museum of the Shoals, or stroll through 

This list will leave you with so many options that it will be difficult to choose what to do with your children. You can take them to the Alabama Safari Park to feed animals, have some fun at the Children’s Museum of the Shoals, or stroll through 

Activities for Children to Enjoy in Alabama

Each location on this list is open during a different time of year and for a different number of hours. Before getting your children excited, you should make sure you have checked their websites and gathered all of the pertinent information beforehand. Because there are activities available from all across the state, I’m confident that locals and visitors alike won’t have any problem choosing the ideal thing to do in Alabama with their children!

The United States Space and Rocket Center 

At the United States Space and Rocket Center, you may embark on an adventure into outer space with your loved ones. The state’s most popular paid tourist attraction is the space museum that is the largest in the whole world. This is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Alabama, particularly with young children.

It features more than 1,500 pieces in its collection of rockets and other space technology, simulators that allow visitors to feel what it is like to be an astronaut, a virtual reality experience of the Apollo mission, as well as underwater expeditions and diving activities. Children definitely do not lack for opportunities to investigate and learn about intriguing topics. You have the option of staying there for a few hours or the entire weekend if that better suits your needs.

At the Space and Rocket Center, there is a wide variety of methods to feel the sensation of being in space. One of these, known as the Family Astronaut Training event, is fantastic for families in which the children are at least 7 years old. A full weekend dedicated to learning about space, including everything that the centre has to offer in addition to lunch!

Alabama Safari Park 

You may greet and feed all the excited animals at Alabama Safari Park while driving through the park with your children. On the 350-acre property, there are zebras, ostriches, alpacas, antelopes, Scottish Highlander coos, and a great deal of other creatures that are free to roam and are just waiting for tasty delicacies to be offered to them.

First things first, go out and purchase a few buckets of feedstuffs. Then, as you are driving by the animals, all you need to do is tumble down your window and let them eat as you watch them. It’s going to be an adventure that you’ll never forget, what with all of the beautiful squeals and laughter coming from the automobile!

Orr Park 

Orr Park, which has been referred to as one of the most distinctive parks in the South, is an excellent location in which to spend the afternoon with one’s children. At Tinglewood, you may have a barbecue, whilst the kids are playing on the park, fly a kite, or go on an art excursion.

Over thirty carved cedar tree sculptures were created by the artist Tim Tingle and are located in the Tinglewood section of the park. Your children will have loads of enjoyment investigating these trees at every turn because they are full of hilarious faces and bizarre animals that appear like they are growing out of the bark of the trees. Get some lovely snaps of them letting their imaginations run wild with the abundance of photo chances available. Everyone will have a good time in this park!

Children’s Museum of the Shoals

Spending the day at the Children’s Museum of the Shoals with your children is a great way to encourage their creative thinking. Exploration is one of the ways in which the CMS fosters children’s academic and creative development. A variety of historical, musical, technical, and make-believe play activities are included in the interactive, hands-on exhibitions that children of varying ages may enjoy.

Children are given the opportunity to acquire scientific knowledge at the Science Center, inspect animals at the Pet Vet, unearth relics at the Dino Dig, and perform musical numbers on the Shoals Sound stage. There are also two locations known as “The Piggy Market” and “Wee Explore,” both of which cater solely to children under the age of three. At the Children’s Museum of the Shoals, we make sure no one is excluded!

OWA’s Park

The Park at OWA is the place to go for a day filled with fun and games if your family is the sort that likes to be on the edge of their seats. The amusement park features over 20 rides, ranging from those suitable for young children to those with steep drops and massive roller coasters. In addition, there are exciting midway activities and a splash pad for entire family to take part in and enjoy.

There are a few additional things to see and do while you’re there, such as the Brandon Styles Magic show and the Legends in Concert symphony performance. After you’ve had a good time in The Park, take a stroll down the beach while taking in the sights of the night sky before making your way back to your cosy accommodations. It seems like the ideal activity for a day spent with the family, doesn’t it?

Family amusement park located in the DeSoto Caverns 

Bring your children to the DeSoto Caverns Park for a whole day that will be packed with thrilling activities and educational experiences. The stunning show cave not only entertains tourists with a laser light, music, and water display but also provides campers and pavilions in close proximity to waterfalls. Visitors can also learn more about the cave’s history.

In addition, there are 25 activities located outside of the park that guests may enjoy, such as a labyrinth, a butterfly garden, water polo, paddle boating, and gem mining. This Alabama location is perfect for families and offers plenty of things to do throughout the day for both adults and children of all ages.

America, Waterville (Gulf Shores)

Are you looking for a way to relax off? Travel to Gulf Shores for a day full with excitement at Waterville USA, where you may splash about and play in the water. The 20-acre waterpark features rides and activities suitable for people of all ages, ensuring that everyone in the family will have a wonderful time throughout their stay.

Waterville offers everything to keep your children happy and entertained, whether they want to blast down a tunnel and create a large splash or float down the park’s lazy river that is one-third of a mile long. There is even a water playground for smaller children who aren’t interested in the “thrills” quite yet. This playground features water hoses, slides, and net crawls.

There is even a water playground for smaller children who aren’t interested in the “thrills” quite yet. This playground features water hoses, slides, and net crawls.

Hellen Keller Birthplace “Ivy Green” 

Ivy Green, the house where Helen Keller was born and raised, is a wonderful spot to take your children on a journey through time. The structure itself is a modest southern dwelling that dates back to the 1820s. Despite this, visitors are able to get a sense of how rich the past is within the building because to all of the well-preserved elements and artefacts that are on show.

Helen Keller’s bedroom, the well-pump wherein Anne Sullivan gave Helen the word “water,” and the kitchen, which is located outside of house, are just some of the areas of the house that are packed to the brim with anecdotes and tales from the home’s long and illustrious history. If your child has any questions, the knowledgeable guides will be more than pleased to share some of the stories with them.

This enlightening trip in Alabama is an absolute need for anyone who have a passion for history, whether they young or old. What better approach is there to create a feeling of dedication and compassion in a youngster than through the use of storytelling?

Institution for Civil Rights in Birmingham

In Alabama, taking your children on a field trip to the Birmingham Civil Liberties Institute is another one of those activities that should be on every parent’s bucket list at least once. In spite of the sombre nature of the museum’s subject matter, the fact that it allows visitors to participate in the exhibits makes it the most significant learning centres.

One trip to the museum is more effective in educating students about the Civil Rights Movement than reading about it in a book could ever be. They will get the opportunity to view segregated swimming pools, Martin Luther King Jr.’s jail cell in Birmingham, and a life-size monument of Rosa Parks in the midst of a protest.

The museum is effective in bringing significant historical events to life and making them accessible to children. Lessons and experiences will be most beneficial and interesting to children over the age of 10. Younger children may find them boring. They are also able, at this age, to be more considerate of other guests and the sensations that they may be experiencing, which is an extremely vital trait. In the event that the younger children require a place to play during their visit, the museum is conveniently located adjacent to a playground.

Altitude Trampoline Park 

For a fun and healthy way to blow off some steam with your children, consider taking them to Altitude Trampoline Park. Little ones just need a space to run about and let off some steam every once in a while. It’s one of those activities that kids really look forward to doing.

It is the state’s largest trampoline park, and as such, it offers everything that is linked to trampolines. In addition to all of the other activities, we have foam ponds, a mountain climbing wall, a zip – lining, extreme dodgeball, and performance trampolines. They also provide a huge number of picnic tables that can be configured to accommodate bigger groups, making it an excellent location for birthday celebrations as well.

This list is not comprehensive, but it should get you started in the right direction. Organizing a trip for the whole family might be stressful, but once it’s done, everyone has a great time together. I really hope that my list of activities to do in Alabama with kids has so far been helpful to you in selecting an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Start everyone together, and then get moving!


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