About Kansas City

Kansas City is located in the middle of the United States and serves as a dynamic cultural and commercial hub.

Kansas City is the most populous city in Missouri, and it serves as the hub of a metropolitan statistical area that spans both Missouri and Kansas.

This area is comprised of 15 counties, including Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson, Franklin, Miami, and Linn counties in Kansas, as well as Platte, Clinton, Caldwell, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Lafayette, Cass, and Bates counties in Missouri.

The city was originally a trade station and river port community, but after the Civil War it expanded into a link in the intercontinental railroad network. This led to the development of wealthy grain, cattle, and meat-packing businesses in the city.

In the 20th century, Kansas City earned a national reputation for its unique architecture, boulevard system, and advances in urban redevelopment.

These factors contributed to the city’s rise to prominence. Growth Management magazine ranked Kansas City as the third “hottest city” in the United States for the expansion of businesses because this reconstruction has continued into the twenty-first century (2005).

One of the most interesting things about Kansas City is that the local climate is almost always exciting to follow, making it one of the city’s most alluring features.

When the clouds start to roll in, Kansas City, Missouri, thankfully, has a range of creative and kid-friendly indoor activities to offer its inhabitants and tourists.

These activities may be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

Take into consideration the following ideas:


Therefore, the question that has to be asked is: why is the weather like this in science city?

Science City, which is housed within Union Station, is the place to go to find the answer with your younger children.

You have the option of taking part in a gigantic game of tug of war, building a robot, or going on a quest for remains of extinct dinosaurs.

Indeed, and I recommend that you look into the factors that create wind.


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Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of children and adults like playing it, the sport of dodgeball has a reputation for being unpopular in the majority of today’s public schools, despite the fact that the great majority of schools no longer provide it.

No matter the weather or the humidity outdoors, the SkyZone Trampoline Park is always completely full with customers because of this.

If you don’t feel like playing dodgeball while you’re on the trampoline, you could always shoot some hoops instead.

This unquestionably increases the level of difficulty as well as the level of intensity of the activity.

You are welcome to stop by for no other reason than to get some exercise or to sign up for one of our sessions.

It is in your best interest to make a reservation as soon as possible if there is a potential of inclement weather.

The SkyZone becomes crowded very quickly.


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If you want to play basketball in the traditional manner on a polished wood court, there is no better place to do it in the city than at The College Basketball Experience, which is located in the heart of the city.

It’s all about having a good time, with a little bit of friendly competition tossed in here and there to keep things interesting.

You are more than welcome to take part in a pick-up game clinic that is held on the full-size court on most Saturdays.

Alternatively, you may merely test your shooting abilities by timing your free throws or three-point attempts against the clock.

You have the option of either lowering the basket for the youngsters in your family, or moving everyone over to the part that is specifically reserved for children.

You are free to visit the CBE on any other day of the week, however please note that the office is normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Not only is it a fantastic method for getting into shape, but it’s also a lot of fun to do.


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Admit it: very few of us do not, deep down, have some type of secret desire to better our dance skills.

Is there anything that can hold a viewer’s attention more than a dancer doing flamenco?

Unless, of course, it’s a belly dancer or a couple having a good time to some salsa, which would be an exception.

City In Motion Dance Theatre in Westport is able to assist you in realizing your toe-tapping goals, regardless of what your aspirations are for the dance floor.

These goals could be as simple as wanting to perform with a bit more elegance at an upcoming wedding reception or class reunion.

City In Motion Dance Theatre can help you achieve all of your toe-tapping goals.

Jazz, tap, hip hop, and swing are just few of the dance styles that may be learned at City in Motion by students of any age.

You can sign up for a regular schedule of sessions, or if you wake up tomorrow morning and it’s pouring rain, you can simply come in for any class and pay the drop-in rate of $15 without having to make a reservation.

If you do sign up for a regular schedule of sessions, you will be able to attend all of the sessions that are included in that schedule.


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It is a terrific approach to release some of the anxiety that you face in your day-to-day life to devote a whole day to doing something soothing like colouring and being creative.

Adults have just as much fun with the Kaleidescope at Crown Center as the children do, despite the fact that it is mainly designed to excite and inspire the younger guests.

If you want to spend the time creatively on a rainy day, all you need is a pair of scissors with round points, a vast supply of coloured paper, crayons, glue, and glitter.

The Kaleidescope is a present that was given to the general public by the folks at Hallmark Cards.

It is highly well-liked by families as well as school groups, and it is a great educational tool.

Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is no charge to participate in the event.


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In the event that you are unable to get into the sessions at Kaleidescope, you may indulge your desire to be an architect at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, which is also situated in Crown Center.

The most thrilling experience may be had on the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride without a shadow of a doubt.

At the very least, you need to do anything at least twice before you can consider yourself proficient at it.

However, Legoland is never boring in any way, shape, or form.

You are at liberty to investigate and innovate to your heart’s content; alternatively, you might opt to participate in one of the Master Builder seminars to get more in-depth instruction.

The fact that you are the oldest kid in the class will not be taken into consideration by anybody.


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There is always ice present in the Community Ice Rink that is housed within the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, Kansas.

This is the case regardless of the temperature or the amount of precipitation that is occurring outside.

The rink is often less busy on weekdays between the hours of one and three o’clock, providing it an excellent chance for rookie skaters to polish their talents without the danger of being ran over by more experienced opponents.

Resort on the Water in CoCo Key

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The finest locations to go on days when the weather prediction calls for precipitation, whether it be rain or snow, are indoor waterparks.

Both the Great Wolf Lodge on the west side of town and the Coco Key Water Resort on the east side of town are Kansas City’s two resorts that are open throughout the whole year.

These resorts are located on opposite sides of the city.

Spend a few days on it, or even just a few hours, if you don’t have much more time on your hands.

Both facilities provide a selection of slides, activities, and pools of varied sizes to satisfy swimmers of any age.

In addition, there are whirlpools that are allocated only for adults at both locations.


In addition to mood swings that are brought on by the weather, Mother Nature has also bestowed upon the city of Kansas City an unusually high number of caverns constructed of limestone.

These caverns may be found around the city.

They are suitable for use as storage facilities and business parks, but when turned into paint ball fields, they become even more appropriate for usage.

The subterranean facility that is Jaegerz Lazer Tag is 6,000 square feet and can be found to the north of the river not too far from Worlds of Fun.

The building is completely saturated with fog, and there are strobe lights and loud rock music playing.

The underworld of Kansas City is the ideal location for venting your anger and fulfilling all of your wildest GI Joe aspirations.

Free Things to Do During the Summer Months Inside With Your Children

Enjoyable Events and Programs at the KC Metro and KC Public Libraries

Source: ikelinkshare.org

When you take your children to any of the Kansas City Metro Public Libraries, you can be certain that they will find something fun to do every day of the week.

Visits to public libraries are always enjoyable for a number of reasons, including the availability of story times and craft programmes, as well as instructive and entertaining events.

Museum: At the Crown Center, the Kaleidoscope:

Source: tripadvisor.com

Don Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards, had a vision for a place where children could “explore, create, imagine, and do,” therefore he came up with the idea that would become Kaleidoscope.

The enchanted setting makes it possible for you and your children to create works of art with discarded Hallmark materials. Sessions last roughly 40 minutes.

Nelson Atkins Museum

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, located in the Bloch Building:

Go inside Nelson Atkins Museum to get a refreshing blast of cold air and explore the kilometres of galleries, collections, and exhibitions that are available.

Some of the unique collections are available for an additional fee, while admission to the rest of the galleries is completely free.

Museum of the City of Kansas:

The Kansas City Museum is housed in the old home of Robert A. Long, who was a prominent businessman and philanthropist in the Kansas City area.

The museum has an extensive collection of historical items and relics relating to the city of Kansas City.

Visit the museum for story time, which began in 2009 and is a relatively recent addition.

Note that they will keep their usual working hours and that entrance will remain free even while the museum is undergoing restoration work this summer (2009).

Wonderscope Children’s Museum:

Even while entry to Wonderscope costs between $4 and $7, which is not quite free, the nearly free price is more than worth it considering how much fun and a wonderful time you will have there.

At Wonderscope, children of all ages will have a good time (and so will their parents!).

Some of the active indoors activities that they may participate in include making contemporary art, exploring the H20! exhibit, and the Lego Ocean Adventure. Outdoor activities can involve exploring kansas city fountains, movie watching in a movie theater and much more.

Federal Reserve Bank’s Money Museum

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A genuine adventure that is an absolute must is at the Federal Reserve Bank’s Money Museum. This welcomes visitors at free admission and is accessible to the children and adults alike. Hence, you can enjoy this with your whole family.

You’ll be able to examine an incredible collection of coins here, in addition to seeing the processing of millions of dollars’ worth of cash at Kansas City’s Federal Reserve Bank.

There is the option of self-guided tours, as well as guided ones, and each visitor goes through a security check.

Older kids above 18 years of old, you are required to present a valid form of identification. Children ages below 18 are not required to do so.

Kansas City’s Board of Trade:

Source: bizjournals.com

Visits to the Kansas Board of Trade in Kansas city which has been in existence for more than 150 years. This is really fascinating.

You may learn anything from where the wheat travels to what futures and options truly mean at the Board of Trade, which is located one block south of the Country Club Plaza.

The Board of Trade is in the business of trading wheat commodities almost exclusively.

Attend either the opening or closure of the trade floor, both of which are very exciting events.

Please Note: If you are interested in attending the tour, you must be at least 18 years old. Hence children ages below 18 are not allowed.

Crown Centre:

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This can be found just across from Kaleidoscope.

And the Hallmark Visitor’s Center, is a pleasant place to simply stroll about in and enjoy some time in the air conditioning.

In its main atrium, they often host children’s activities including story time, puppet shows, and other forms of entertainment on the weekends.

In addition, there are free admission children’s exhibitions that rotate regularly and are located on the ground level right adjacent to the Coterie Theater.

You are need to make a reservation in order to take part in Chip’s Chocolate Factory’s free tours of their fudge manufacturing operation.

Kansas city zoo

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There are certain exhibits that are covered or entirely enclosed.

So the only time you need to worry about getting wet on a rainy day is while you are walking to exhibitions.

In addition, there is a structure next to the playground that’s fun for children to explore.

There were a few different creatures to look at, as well as a large slide. These contributed to major indoor fun.

However, due to the fact that my children stayed on the outdoor playground for nearly to an hour, we were only able to see a small portion of the zoo.

Even if it is cloudy or chilly outside or a heavy rainy day, there are still quite a few things to see and do.

The lobby auditorium plays host to a first-rate bird display that features free-flying birds.

In the polar bear exhibit, there is a room inside that provides a fantastic view of the pool from below.

In addition to the Tropics and the Discovery Barn, the Penguins exhibit is located within (there is even a two story slide).

Koalas, who are only seen in this area during the summer, also need shelter.

The entrance is conveniently close to all of these different areas.

If you are willing to go a little farther, you will be able to see the orangutan exhibit, and there is a chance that you could even get to see the newborn!

Final thoughts

Hope you got a clarity about the indoor activities in Kansas city. People often had questions on what to do when Kansas City’s heat and humidity starts to soar?

Well, we hope we have answered that question of the list of fun things and indoor activities in kansas city. A rainy day at Kansas city is also a sight to behold!

Hence, you can also do fun rainy day activities in Kansas city. It is often said that during a rainy day, Kansas glows like a happy child.

Hope you get to enjoy the missouri river, art museum, historic sites and history museums, science museums, blue springs and, other fun activities.

You can also enjoy great performing arts, contemporary art and other fun activities but just remember to check the upcoming events online to escape last minute hassles. There are also interesting puppet making workshops at multiple locations that you can enjoy.


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